Magiscope Records is a working collective with various musical ties that go back close to 30 years. Our San Jose, California studio is home base where we play, record, mix, and hang out. Through the years, we have gotten together almost every week to create our music – much of which you can freely access here at the Magiscope Records website.

Three bands have emerged from this collective:
Novemberistas! (2016-present),  Magic Squares (2013-2016), and Lazy Susan Directive (1998-2013).

We are excited to release our latest album, EVERYTHING’S OK via OraStream, the only adaptive high-resolution audio streaming technology out there.
When you listen to EVERYTHING’S OK with solid data bandwidth, OraStream delivers the music in soul-touching full resolution. If you’re on the go or your bandwidth is inconsistent, you will always get the highest possible fidelity, millisecond by millisecond, ranging from lossless high-res down to what you are used to hearing when you stream music from all the usual places.
FYI, the truly wondrous Neil Young Archives (NYA) is fully powered by OraStream.
‘Hi-Res Music is Better’ bumper stickers should be issued.

I NY is an ever-growing compilation of Neil Young songs interpreted by the collective. If you have recorded a cover that you would like to add to this collection, feel free to send it in to us.

If you’re here as a musician, we invite you to record with us and/or feature your own music right here on the Magiscope Records Guest Bands page. Over time, we hope that many musicians will find a good home here.

We also offer consultation for performance anxiety, band discord, writing blocks, self-criticism, recording issues, or whatever is impeding your creativity and productivity.

Thank you for visiting. Play at rock-approved levels!